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About Us


The Sidney Cooperative Nursery School has been serving the children of Sidney and the surrounding area for the past 50 years. The Coop provides preschool experiences for 3, 4 and 5 year old children and offers a warm and welcoming classroom with longtime, dedicated teachers. The school focuses not only on educating the child, but also helping him/her grow developmentally and socially. As a Coop, we encourage parents to become involved in their child's education by participating in the classroom or serving on the board. The teachers are dedicated to preparing children for life-long learning using developmentally appropriate methods aligned with Ohio's Early Learning and Development Standards. 


The Coop employs 1 teacher and 1 teacher's aide per class; there is also one parent volunteer per day. Our teacher team at the Sidney Coop consists of Kim Sollmann, Emme McClain, Jeanne Fuller and Karen Miller. We also have a wonderful opportunity in Karen Stockstill who comes to the Pre-K class as our Reading Specialist. We were granted this opportunity to provide her to our children through a United Way Grant. Parents and students often comment that she is their favorite part of the school!

As a cooperative school, parents have the unique opportunity to take an active role and participate in the classroom on pre-selected days throughout the school year.  These days are chosen by the parent at the initial August meeting in order to accommodate schedules.


As a nonprofit, the school is managed by a Board of Directors, comprised of parents/grandparents whose children are in the school. These parents are volunteers who take care of key positions to help keep administrative costs low. We are so thankful for their hard work and dedication to the Coop mission!


2023-2024 Parent Board Members:

Tara Borland, Kira Lauth, Lauren Lee and Deanna Payne

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