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How do I Participate as a Parent?


Here at Sidney Cooperative Nursery School, every parent is a participating parent. Each parent dedicates extra time and attention to the Sidney Cooperative Preschool by working in the classroom on a monthly basis, participates in fundraising activities, helps organize Special Person's night events by donating cookies or punch, assists teacher's on school field trips and semi-annual toy cleanings. We know you won't be able to participate in all of the above, but we do hope you will assist in at least a few. 

Be alert for requests for help in board and teacher newsletters and emails. We are often looking for a handyman for small tasks, someone to plow snow, a resource for fundraising, etc. How can you help?

Additionally, the school is run by a volunteer parent board that changes from year to year as the enrolled students do. The Parent Board meets monthly to make sure we are meeting regulations, are being fiscally responsible, and address any various issues that arise. As a nonprofit, the only paid staff are the teachers but parent Board Members do receive a tuition discount. Please consider how serving on the board might benefit you, your child, or the school. Each position comes with varying levels of responsibility and time, and forming committees for extra assistance is always an option. Each year, we are looking for a new President, Vice President, Secretary, Membership Chair, Treasurer, Health Chair, and Fundraising Chair.  


Common questions you may have...



Do you have delays and snow days?


Yes. We follow the Sidney City Schools delay and cancellation policy. Unlike SCS, we do not have more than a 1 hour delay since we start later than them. If there is a delay, the AM classes will begin at 10:00 am & end at 12:00 pm. The PM classes (if held this year) will begin at 1:00 pm & end at 3:00 pm.If SCS is canceled for the day, the Coop will also be closed for the day.


Do you offer calamity days?


Yes. Once school has been canceled for more than 5 days we will offer make-up days. This is at the school administrator's discretion. 


How is the Participating Parent schedule made?


At the Orientation Meeting in August, each parent will have the opportunity to sign up to help in the classroom. The number of days assigned per term depends on how many students are enrolled. Should a parent be unable to participate on his/her scheduled day due unforeseen circumstances, he/she must find a suitable and approved replacement.  The snack and drink for that day is still the responsibility of the scheduled parent. A directory of parents will be provided to all parents. 


What are some snack ideas I can bring in?


We encourage healthy snacks, and we are a completely Peanut FREE school. Some healthy snack ideas are Fresh Fruits and Veggies, Pretzels, Applesauce, Yogurt, String Cheese, 100% Fruit Juices, milk and Flavored Waters. Pinterest is also a great tool to find new and exciting snack ideas for Preschoolers!


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