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Participating Parent Duties


At the Sidney Coop, you are a part of your child's education! In August, at the Orientation Meeting, each parent will sign up for dates that accommodate their schedules and allow them to help in the classroom.  We also have fundraisers, Parents' Night, and more! We ask that parents sign up to be on a committee at the beginning of the year to help out with certain activities. More details can be given to you by our Membership Chair.

Toy Cleaning

The school conducts a toy cleaning event twice a year in August and January. It is arranged by the Board Health Chair. We ask for parent volunteers to help, it usually lasts around 2 hours and many hands make light work. All parents are invited to come help clean the classroom, sanitize all of the toys, and meet other parents--help make the school a healthy environment for all! This is an adult event so please make the proper arrangements for small children, but you may bring age-appropriate children to help clean!

Parent of the Day

Probably the most LOVED duty as a parent is when you work in your child's classroom! On this day you arrive 15 minutes early and help the teachers prepare for the day. You will bring a drink (no juice boxes please, as the kids learn to pour their own drinks), a healthy snack, paper cups (no styrofoam please), plates and napkins.  We like to limit sweets to special events such as birthdays or holidays, so please keep that in mind when choosing your snack for the day! If you're feeling extra adventurous, ask the teacher what the theme of the class is for that week and make a snack to go along with it! During this class time, you will get to observe and assist the class as needed during small group time. It's always such a blast for parents and children alike. This is one of the things that makes our school unique!

Classroom Maintenance 

Sidney Cooperative is a Nonprofit organization. While the school's main source of income is through tuition, our second biggest revenue is through the form of Fundraising. Each fall we do a cookie dough fundraiser which is always a huge HIT! They are so ooey and gooey! We also do a second large fundraising event in the spring and we welcome new ideas! To help our fundraising efforts we also hold Dine to Donate events at various local restaurants and we also have other ongoing fundraisers like Kroger Rewards, Amazon Smile and a gift card fundraiser. For more information about the ongoing fundraisers please contact: Kira Lauth at!

Since we are a non-profit preschool we rely on the help of our parents to clean and maintain our rooms. We rely on donations of classroom supplies such as tissues, playdoh, construction paper, cleaning supplies, paper towels, tissues and more.  We also accept donations of toys in excellent used condition, music cd's, books and puzzles.   


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